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Pool Frog Chemicals


POOL FROG knows why you bought your pool in the first place - to have fun. They know the last thing on your mind should be pool care. POOL FROG gives you a reliable way to have fresh, clear, clean water in your family's pool. It's easier, too, with pre-filled containers that are recycled or discarded when empty.


POOL FROG's Mineral Reservoir:

- .9lbs

- Reduces chlorine use by up to 50%

- Less work with no daily dosing of minerals or chlorine

- Pre-filled pacs eliminate fumes typical of chlorine buckets

- Reduces red eyes and fading swimsuits

- Lower chlorine levels help prevent damage to equipment and surfaces



- 24 fl oz

- Protects a swimming pool against the toughest algae with just one initial dose able to prevent algae for a full 90 days


POOL FROG's Bac-Pac:

- Approx. 2.5lbs (just under)

- Pre-filled container with 1-inch chlorinating tablets

- For use with a POOL FROG Mineral Reservoir only