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Pool Season Chemicals


Pool Season delivers true value with its extensive line of products, each designed to cultivate a stunning pool that remains the hub for all your outdoor living.


Pool Season's Chlorinating Tabs:

- 1-inch and 3-inch tablets

- Buckets come in 5lb, 8lb, 16lb & 25lb

- Active ingredient is Trichloro-s-triazinetrione

- Use weekly to keep your pool sanitized


Pool Season's Chlorine Concentrate:

- Granular chlorine comes in buckets of 5lb or 25lb


Pool Season's Alkalinity Up:

- Comes in bucket of 9lb or 25lb

- Use as needed to raise alkalinity

- Read all instructions on dosage requirements


Pool Season's pH Up:

- Comes in 5lb buckets

- Use as needed to raise pH


Pool Season's Conditioner:

- Comes in buckets of 4lb and 8lb

- Also known as Stabilizer or Cyanuric Acid. This is the staying power for your chlorine


Pool Season's Stain & Scale Control:

- Comes in 32oz bottles.

- A unique combination of chelating agents for removing and controlling scale discoloration and staining in swimming pools

- Reduces the amount of chlorine needed to keep pool water clean

- Prevents mineral deposits on pool surfaces, discoloration of pool water, scum formation on pool walls and gutters, corrosion of pool equipment, accessories, rust stains and filter plugging


Pool Season's Granular Stain Control:

- Comes in 2.5lb bottles

- Consists of a multiple acid formulation found to be extremely effective in removing both metal and mineral stains from vinyl, fiberglass, plaster and tiled pool surfaces

- This product may not be used on acrylic spa surfaces


Pool Season's Super Water Clarifier:

- Comes in 32oz bottles

- A super-concentrated pool water clarifier that enhances filter efficiency

- Addition of Super Water Clarifier to pool water helps suspended particles to combine into larger masses so that they can be removed by normal filtration

- Super Water Clarifier is not affected by chemicals commonly used in swimming pools or by pH

- This product works with all types of filters


Pool Season's Filter Cleaner:

- Comes in 32oz bottles

- This liquid filter cleaner greatly improves filter life and efficiency

- It is specially made to cleanse suntan oil and grease as well as scale and mineral deposits from pool and spa filters of all types: cartridge, sand and/or D.E


Pool Season's Liquid Floc Plus:

- Comes in 32oz bottles

- Thoroughly settles unfiltered suspended debris (carbonates, silica, dead algae and spore-like materials) to the pool bottom so debris may be easily vacuumed to waste

- Use with normal pH and Free Chlorine levels

- Super Floc contains no corrosive alum or chloramine forming ammonia. Will not affect pH and is safe for all pools and filters


Pool Season's Algae 30:

- Comes in 32oz bottles

- Great for spring start-up or fall closing

- Mild Algae control for the off-months where Algae is not as prominent


Pool Season's Algae 50:

- Comes in 32oz bottles

- Great for algae season prevention


Pool Season's Algae 60:

-Comes in 32oz bottles

- Use when you have visible algae and also for prevention if you live in a high foliage area


Pool Season's Algae Kill II:

- Comes in 32oz bottles

- Concentrated Algae Kill contains copper to kill visible algae

- Use as directed and repeat if necessary